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The Globe Theatre: The Historic Environment AQA Case Study

This course is run by Hodder Eduction. For more information and to book, please see their website.

Take a tour of The Globe Theatre from the comfort of your own classroom, deepening your knowledge of the historical context, events and developments associated with this site.

  • Explore the magnificent Globe Theatre, taking a 360° tour that shows how it illuminates the Elizabethan era
  • Gain an overview of location, function, structure and design, and how these aspects reflect the culture, values and fashions of the time
  • Learn how to teach the historic environment with confidence, maximising students’ potential in this question, which is worth 10% of the overall marks

Key areas

  • The new fashion for theatre going in Shakespeare’s London
  • Seven Site Aspects examined; patronage, opposition and censorship
  • Links to second order concepts and question approaches