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Pevensey Castle: AQA GCSE History: Historic Environment

This course is run by Hodder Eduction. For more information and to book, please see their website.

Explore Pevensey Castle from the comfort of your own classroom, deepening your knowledge of the historical context, events and developments associated with this site.

  • Explore one of Britain’s oldest and most important strongholds by taking a 360° tour to uncover its strategic and military importance in Anglo-Norman affairs
  • Gain an overview of location, function, structure, design and how the site links to important events in the Middle Ages
  • Learn how to teach the historic environment with confidence, maximising students’ potential in this question, which is worth 10% of the overall marks

Key areas

  • Conquest and control. Explore the defensive features and developments in the role and function of this key fortification
  • Seven site aspects examined
  • Links to second order concepts and question approaches