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Recall, Retrieve, Retain: Techniques to prepare your students for lasting learning for their GCSE exams

This course is run by Hodder Eduction. For more information and to book, please see their website.

Discover how you can plan and prepare every lesson to make sure it’s memorable, the content is ‘sticky’ and your class are captivated.

Educational Consultant Carmel Bones will share her proven methods for helping students to recall, retrieve and retain the information required for exam success.

Rated 5 out of 5 by all attendees in 2017, this one-day workshop will:

Key areas

  • Explore the foundations that need to be set before planning linear learning in your subject(s)
  • Focus on ways to reinforce learning in a creative and interesting way
  • Introduce interactive techniques for delivering ‘sticky’ lessons with all GCSE students, no matter how often you teach them
  • Provide practical, high impact and easy-to-implement ideas that will work for your subject and can be distributed to your department/ adapted for your whole schoo


    10.00am   Registration and coffee

    10.15am   It’s tricky - make it sticky!

    • Captivating your class – gauge starting points
    • Home links – the “tea-time” test
    • Stepping back – share the road map

    11.15am   Morning coffee

    11.30am   Learning which will stand the test of time

    • Familiarity, fluency and reiteration
    • Wow words and subject specific language
    • Teaching for understanding and quality outcomes

    12.30pm   Lunch

    1.30pm   Clockwork classrooms - building autonomy

    • Helpful habits
    • Fitted feedback
    • Dare to devolve

    2.30pm   Afternoon tea

    2.45pm   Making it memorable

    • The importance of metacognition
    • Growth mindsets
    • Thinking about how you are thinking

    3.45pm   Review and reflect

    4.00pm   Course ends