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Carmel works nationally in schools with classroom teachers and those who are leading on teaching and learning to achieve short term gains and long term results.

A sought after trainer and consultant she tailors INSET to ensure that schools, groups of schools, departments and individuals are enthused and moved forward with their thinking. She is the director of Carmel Bones Education and works closely with Osiris as a team leader and trainer for the (OTI) Osiris Teaching intervention, working with primary, secondary and post 16 teachers. Carmel is an A-level and GCSE examiner.

Teachers are talented, busy people with the job of making a vital positive difference to young people’s lives. Carmel’s aim is to make Inset practical, memorable and effective.

Continuous improvement has been the hallmark of her 20 year teaching experience as AST and HOD. She is ambitious for all the young people and colleagues that she works with.

Carmel is also a member of the Historical Association’s national secondary committee and a consulting editor for Hodder Education's new GCSE Dynamic Learning series. Recently she wrote new BBC Bitesize GCSE material and contributes to Oxford University Press newsletters. She leads workshops at the annual Historical Association and Schools History Project Conferences.

In June 2017 Carmel was award a Fellowship from the Historical Association.



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